Tokyo Girls’ Style

Preview: Tokyo Girls’ Style’s Fourth Album ‘Killing Me Softly’

Tokyo Girls' Style Killing Me Softly 01 The jewels of Japan Tokyo Girls' Style are set to surpass the critical and commercial success of The Fugees' 1996 opus The Score with their upcoming fourth studio album, Killing Me Softly. It'll officially start smashing Oricon records on the June 6, but until then you can listen to some amazing previews of all the Killing Me Softly tracks through a teaser video Avex released yesterday.

Tokyo Girls’ Style Get Holy With ‘Jujika,’ Surpass Jesus In Talent and Relevance

Tokyo Girls' Style Jujika I have to admit that I was a little pissed when BABYMETAL blew up online and everybody suddenly jumped on the BABYMETAL bandwagon. I've been listening to those rockin' brats for years, but refrained from posting them because I figured that whoever reads my site just wouldn't get it (you know, back when I somewhat gave a fuck about this blog). Now they're huge and I missed out on doing that whole I TOLD YOU SO thing that I totally live for. I consoled myself by thinking that at least I'll get bragging rights if Tokyo Girls' Style ever becomes a Buzzfeed meme, but after pondering it further I thought fuck that -- I want to keep them all to myself!

Tokyo Girls’ Style Is Now Japan’s Most Indie Hipster Pitchfork-y Girl Group, Your Generic Faves Could Never Etc

Tokyo Girls' Style Maltine Girls Wave Perfume has long been considered Japan's coolest girl group, but Tokyo Girls' Style's been nipping at their heels for a few years now. The underage quintet's avant-garde approach to Japanese idol pop has been consistently fascinating to watch, with their arsty pedo-bait visuals and disco-funk-meets-Tokyo-video-game-arcade sound (courtesy of the talented Royal Mirrorball) making a match that's every bit as potent as Perfume's razor-sharp choreography and Yasutaka Nakata-produced techno-pop.