So, Here’s My Thoughts On The Whole Areum Leaving T-ara Situation

T-ara Areum Leaving Someone once told me that the thing that makes T-ara so great is that they somehow manage to be both the best and the absolute worst girl group all at once. I agree, and I love T-ara just as much when they're topping the charts as I do when they're embroiled in some kind of trashy tabloid scandal. So, when the group's newest member, Areum, announced last night that she was leaving T-ara after just one year to pursue a solo career in hip-hop or some shit, I didn't really care.

T-ara Continues To Slay Japan With “Target” and “Like a Wind”

T-ara Target Artwork T-ara's been kind of M.I.A. in Korea ever since their scandal, with the group focusing most of its energy into overseas markets instead. They revolutionized the Japanese music industry in March when they released ten different versions of their "Bunny Style!" single, and then took over America with their legendary pool party performance in Vegas. Now that they've reached the absolute pinnacle of Stateside stardom and have nothing left to achieve there, Slay-ara's back in Japan with a brand new J-pop single called "Target."