The Top Six Modern Disco-Pop Songs To Listen To Instead Of The Saturdays’ “Disco Love”

Saturdays Disco Love

Before you freak out and say I have no taste, let me tell you that I actually like The Saturdays' new single, "Disco Love" (listen here). Despite stupid lyrics like, "You take me back in time to 1999," it's still better than that Girls Aloud knock-off, "Gentleman." And to be fair, it's probably one of the best Saturdays singles ever released (not that that's a hard thing to achieve), but I'm still going to shade it, just because it's The Sats.

So, here's six modern disco-pop songs you can listen to instead of "Disco Love."

T-ara’s Eunjung Dances To Crayon Pop, Crayon Pop Beats The Crap Out Of Dal Shabet, Jewelry, and Chocolat

Crayon Pop 2013 "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call its name CRAYON POP: for it shall save the people from their sins." -- Matthew 1:21 It's been a huge week for Crayon Pop. They've topped the Instiz iChart with "Bar Bar Bar," reached No. 3 on the Gaon chart (and could go higher when the new ranking is unveiled tomorrow), been compared to PSY by The Wall Street Journal, signed a global record deal with Sony Music, and were even featured on Australia's biggest news website in an article about their growing viral fame.

F-ve Dolls Rips-Off Wonder Girls, T-ara, and “Funky Town” With Flaw-Free Comeback Single, “Soulmate #1”

F-ve Dolls Soulmate 1 Before I realized how crap 2NE1 is, F-ve Dolls (then known as 5dolls; now known as F-op Dolls, as in Flop Dolls) was the K-pop girl group I loved to hate. I actually genuinely worship their SECRET knock-off, "Like This or That," but overall they're just such a cheap trainwreck of a group (and not in the good way), and their first mini-album is one of the worst K-pop releases I've ever heard in my life.

The best thing for F-ve Dolls would be rejoining SPEED as Co-Ed, but instead they're back with SIX members (one of whom is already part of The SEEYA) and a new disco single called "Soulmate #1."