The Top Ten Most Anticipated K-pop Comebacks Of October

K-pop Comebacks 2013 Whether it's Western pop or K-pop, the fourth quarter is always the most exciting time for big pop releases. Everybody rushes out their albums and your fave is battling someone else's fave and we all have fun little stan wars. It's great. October is looking especially juicy for K-pop this year: We've got the tarnished IU and T-ara putting out their first post-scandal releases, Taeyang and Kahi coming back after several years away from the solo spotlight, the almighty Nine Muses with their first full-length album, new stuff from underdogs like Block B and AOA, and a whole lot more.

I've rounded up the ten most anticipated K-pop comebacks of the bunch and ranked 'em all from least to best. Only the officially confirmed or strongly rumoured returns for October made the list, so that means no miss A, B1A4, Sunmi, or TVXQ.


T-ara Releases Iconic “Number 9” Teaser Video, Shamelessly Media Plays Comeback With Soyeon’s Dating News

T-ara Number 9 Just over a week before the audio premiere of their new single, "Number 9," and on the day of their official music video teaser release, a glowing report appeared on Korean news website, Sports Seoul, confirming that T-ara's Soyeon has been in a relationship with a member of early-2000s boy band, Click B, for the past three years. The article came complete with paparazzi photos of the happy couple and several paragraphs about how sweet and amazing they are together.

The old T-ara is officially back, bitches!

Five Things That Will Probably Happen When T-ara Make Their K-pop Comeback

T-ara 2013 Comeback After an entire year of total bullshit, it looks like things are finally back on the upswing for T-ara. They're currently performing to sold-out crowds on their Japanese Treasure Box tour, they've stopped playing musical chairs with their members, Dani is out of the way and promoting with F-ve Dolls, Hyomin's starring in a big Japanese movie, they just got their first post-scandal endorsement deal (some clothing brand in Japan), and best of all, THEY'RE MAKING A K-POP COMEBACK IN OCTOBER!