Sladies’ Code Copies Wonder Girls, Sunmi Out-STELLARs STELLAR, Everything Is Wonderful

Ladies' Code Wonder Girls I love how fucking iconic Wonder Girls still are within K-pop despite the fact that they were technically only stratospherically huge for about two years. They couldn't keep their sky-high popularity going in the same way that Girls' Generation or BIGBANG have (JYP's fault, obviously), but their initial success left such a deep mark that they're still more relevant than most of the top active K-pop acts today.

Good Wonder Girl Gone Bad: Sunmi Goes Solo With “24 Hours”

Sunmi 24 Hours There's been a storm of hype and controversy surrounding the solo debut of former Wonder Girls star, Sunmi, and rightly so. Wonder Girls are arguably the most iconic and influential Korean girl group of the past ten years, and they were at the absolute peak of their popularity when Sunmi split more than three years ago. The Korean public has never quite forgiven the now 21-year-old for choosing to leave the spotlight so abruptly, so when JYP Entertainment announced earlier this month that Sunmi was coming back as a solo artist with a sexy new image, the reaction from netizens was largely negative. But fuck 'em all, right?