Skylar Grey

Surprise! Skylar Grey’s Album Was Actually Released This Week: Listen To The Three Best Songs

Skylar Grey Don't Look Down When a reader tweeted me the other day and told me that Skylar Grey's long-delayed Don't Look Down album had actually been released --like, for REAL-- I LOL'd like a motherfucker. How could I not? But I didn't come here to drag Skylar's impending chart flop like some cunt. I commend Interscope for actually bothering to release it instead of leaving her debut disc to gather cocaine particles in some record exec's desk drawer like so many other pop albums have before it. If Interscope had just done this in the past, we'd have fifty Cassie albums by now, as well as the Paradiso Girls' Crazy Horse, Christina Milian's Dream In Color/Elope/Untitled, and even Swastika's Her Name Is Nicole (not that anybody actually wanted Her Name Is Nicole in the first place, but you know what I mean).

Anyway, back to Don't Look Down. It's a pretty mixed bag and I don't planning on listening to much of it again in the future, but there's three songs that have slayed me, and if Skylar had just made more songs like those, then her solo career might have played out a bit differently.