Sky Ferreira

[New Music] The Weeknd – King of the Fall

the weeknd king of the fall Horny, maudlin alternative R&B chanteuse The Weeknd has a new song featuring Sky Ferreira on the cover art. Unfortunately, Sky does not feature on the song itself, but that's okay because it doesn't really need a female guest star anyway.

Arcadey Now: Lady Gaga, Best Coast, MGMT, miss A, Sky Ferreira

Arcadey Now 2 So, I met Crayon Pop TWICE last week, and it was the greatest fucking thing ever. Anything else that I experience from this point forward will just be a total bore now that I've been blessed by the Popes of Pop. The only thing keeping me alive is the possibility that I may one day bask in their ethereal glow once again.

Sky Ferreira Goes ‘Basic Instinct’ In “You’re Not The One” (Music Video)

Sky Ferreira You're Not The One Music Video I was so happy when Sky Ferreira got done for heroin possession last week. She was finally getting the amount of press she deserved, which can only benefit the upcoming release of her long-awaited debut album, Night Time, My Time (due October 29). I don't care if she's half-dead and smacked-out of her brains; if it takes a dope addiction to get Sky some recognition, then that's just how it's gotta be.