Seo In Young

Seo In Young Returns With “Love Me,” Remains K-pop’s Best K-Diva

Seo In Young Love Me Seo In Young has always been pretty good ("Into The Rhythm," anyone?) but she's literally been EVERYTHING since last year. Elly's move from mere cool K-diva to perfect pop goddess of the East started last year when she split with Star Empire (home of the legendary Nine Muses) and started her own agency. It's not really her music that changed for the better (it's always been great), but her image: Elly's a certified Korean style icon, and her natural fashion know-how has helped shape most of her post-Star Empire comeback concepts for the better. In this sense, she's a lot like Rihanna, who didn't truly flourish until she embraced her inner fashionista and took control of her image.

The Top Ten Most Anticipated K-pop Comebacks Of October

K-pop Comebacks 2013 Whether it's Western pop or K-pop, the fourth quarter is always the most exciting time for big pop releases. Everybody rushes out their albums and your fave is battling someone else's fave and we all have fun little stan wars. It's great. October is looking especially juicy for K-pop this year: We've got the tarnished IU and T-ara putting out their first post-scandal releases, Taeyang and Kahi coming back after several years away from the solo spotlight, the almighty Nine Muses with their first full-length album, new stuff from underdogs like Block B and AOA, and a whole lot more.

I've rounded up the ten most anticipated K-pop comebacks of the bunch and ranked 'em all from least to best. Only the officially confirmed or strongly rumoured returns for October made the list, so that means no miss A, B1A4, Sunmi, or TVXQ.


The Top Six Modern Disco-Pop Songs To Listen To Instead Of The Saturdays’ “Disco Love”

Saturdays Disco Love

Before you freak out and say I have no taste, let me tell you that I actually like The Saturdays' new single, "Disco Love" (listen here). Despite stupid lyrics like, "You take me back in time to 1999," it's still better than that Girls Aloud knock-off, "Gentleman." And to be fair, it's probably one of the best Saturdays singles ever released (not that that's a hard thing to achieve), but I'm still going to shade it, just because it's The Sats.

So, here's six modern disco-pop songs you can listen to instead of "Disco Love."