Come & Get In Trouble With Ricki-Lee: Aussie Pop Diva Hits a Home Run With Massive Comeback Single

Ricki-Lee Come & Get In Trouble With Me I was a huge fan of Ricki-Lee's "look at me I'm hot now!" comeback track, "Raining Diamonds," but she totally lost me with the rest of the singles from her Fear & Freedom album. By the time the era wrapped up, I thought that Ricki-Lee's time in the musical spotlight was probably up. I mean, she had a pretty good run for an Australian pop star, so I was ready to accept that this was it for her and just move on.

Then out of nowhere came "Come & Get In Trouble With Me," which is probably the greatest Aussie pop single since whatever the hell Kylie's last huge hit was.

Who woulda thought, right?