Hello Venus’ ‘Wiggle Wiggle’ MV Is So Cheap It Makes RaNia Videos Look Expensive

wiggle wiggle mv It looked like Hello Venus weren't going to bless their strip club anthem "Wiggle Wiggle" with a music video, but luckily the girls were able to find enough loose change under the sofa cushion to pay After School's now unemployed Jooyeon $3.25 to haphazardly edit together some stuff they shot on their Samsung Galaxies during a recent trip to the club to perform private dances for sponsors.

Crappy Korean Media Publishes Crappy Girl Group Ranking, So I Made a Way Better One

Sports Chosun Girl Group Ranking Korea is obsessed with random rankings, surveys, and polls. Most of it's just inane shit that isn't worth reading ("So-and-so voted the celebrity people most likely want to read a bedtime story to"), but I get a kick out of popularity rankings. The downside is that most of them are usually biased or uninformed, like the new 2014 Girl Group Popularity Ranking that Sports Chosun published today.