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After School Continues Being Flawless With New Japanese Single, “Heaven”

After School Heaven I've always been a fan of After School, but this year they've really stepped up their game in ways I didn't think were possible. Just when it looked like they'd jumped the shark following the departures of Bekah and Kahi, they sexed-up E-Young and Kaeun, learned to pole dance, and made one of the best K-pop comebacks of 2013 with "First Love." It didn't do as well as it should have on the charts, but all that means is that we get to shake our fists and complain about how underrated After School is and how their M! Countdown stage is literally the greatest thing in the history of popular music.

Lady GaGa Slays The Shit Out Of “Applause” Music Video, Remains World’s Most Hated Pop Star

Lady Gaga Applause Music Video I'd like to say that it's sad and pathetic how all you non-fans and CRITICS are hating on Lady Gaga and her new career-ending flop, "Applause," but it just means more Gaga for moi. While y'all jerk ya dicks to Katy Perry's lifeless Sara Bareilles remix, I'm putting my hands up, making them touch, banging the gong, and worshipping Mother Monster inside the Electric Chapel of Artpop.

Stay pressed.

INFINITE Makes Up For “Man In Love” With Dramatic New Single, “Destiny”

INFINITE Destiny INFINITE crashed and burned earlier this year when they released the first bad single of their career, "Man In Love." Well, that might be a slight exaggeration since it was actually a huge hit and cemented INFINITE's position as one of the leading stars of the new generation of K-pop, but it was still a disappointingly dull song, no matter how successful it was. They're officially forgiven, though, because just four months have passed since "Man In Ugh," and INFINITE's already back with a much better new single called "Destiny."