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Miley Cyrus Releases Naked “Wrecking Ball” Music Video, Officially Becomes The New Mariah Carey

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Music Video Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey have a lot more in common than you might think. First of all, they both share the same initials. Secondly, they've both mastered the ability to turn any music video into a soft core porno -- especially when its a ballad. The only real difference is that Mimi's blue movies look like vintage '80s throwbacks filled with high-waisted thongs, teased wigs with too much hairspray, and cheesy saxophone music, while Miley's are contemporary hipster porn for art students and potheads.

Come & Get In Trouble With Ricki-Lee: Aussie Pop Diva Hits a Home Run With Massive Comeback Single

Ricki-Lee Come & Get In Trouble With Me I was a huge fan of Ricki-Lee's "look at me I'm hot now!" comeback track, "Raining Diamonds," but she totally lost me with the rest of the singles from herĀ Fear & Freedom album. By the time the era wrapped up, I thought that Ricki-Lee's time in the musical spotlight was probably up. I mean, she had a pretty good run for an Australian pop star, so I was ready to accept that this was it for her and just move on.

Then out of nowhere came "Come & Get In Trouble With Me," which is probably the greatest Aussie pop single since whatever the hell Kylie's last huge hit was.

Who woulda thought, right?

After School Continues Being Flawless With New Japanese Single, “Heaven”

After School Heaven I've always been a fan of After School, but this year they've really stepped up their game in ways I didn't think were possible. Just when it looked like they'd jumped the shark following the departures of Bekah and Kahi, they sexed-up E-Young and Kaeun, learned to pole dance, and made one of the best K-pop comebacks of 2013 with "First Love." It didn't do as well as it should have on the charts, but all that means is that we get to shake our fists and complain about how underrated After School is and how their M! Countdown stage is literally the greatest thing in the history of popular music.