Lady GaGa

Give The Lady a Standing O: “Applause” Is (Unfortunately) Pretty Good (Single Review)

Lady GaGa Applause  Review First of all, I must preface this review by stating that I really have no right to breathe the same air as Lady GaGa's latest single, "Applause." I'm just a lowly blogger who's completely unworthy of listening to Mother Monster's masterpiece, and as far as actually reviewing it goes ... fuhgeddaboudit! I mean, who the fuck do I think I am? I'm no music scholar, that's for sure. I'm lucky to even be alive after having the audacity to speak negatively about the David Bowie of our generation in the past. So, a sincere thank you to my Warholian Queen for not taking me out back and putting a bullet in my head like the mangy mutt that I am, for I know it is what I truly deserve, and that it is only through her divine grace that I can be a free bitch (baby) and voice my personal opinion on her beautimous art (pop).

I Think Lady GaGa Is Getting Ready To Return With a “Sexy” New Image

Lady GaGa Sexy Just like Taylor Swift did before the release of Red, Lady GaGa has been on a sabbatical from the spotlight as she prepares her next album, Fartplop. She's even suspended her Twitter account so she can make a dramatic, headline-grabbing return to social media once her new single is ready to go.

GaGa's barely been caught by the paparazzi in the past month or so, but the few times that she has, bitch has looked HOT. Like, regular person hot, not trashy-try-hard-over-styled-"Telephone"-video hot.