Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga Wants You To Choose Her Next ‘ARTPOP’ Single

Lady Gaga ARTPOP It looks like there was more to Lady Gaga's ARTPOP-exclusive set at the iTunes Music Festival than simply just sharing new music with her little monsters. About an hour ago, Jesus Kunst graced Twitter with her holy presence and asked fans to choose ARTPOP's next single, complete with four songs to choose from. They are: "Sex Dreams," "Swine," "Aura," and "Manicure" -- arguably the four best cuts from her iTunes concert.

Lady Gaga Slays iTunes Festival, Remains Both a Pretentious Hypocrite and a Flawless Pop Powerhouse

Lady Gaga iTunes Festival 2013 The worst thing about Lady Gaga has always been Stefani Germanotta. There's been many times over the years where I've wished I could just enjoy the music and performances without having to deal with the insufferable woman herself. But since the ARTPOP era kicked off, something amazing has happened: Gaga's many flaws have suddenly become soooo much fun. Watching her freak out on Twitter, tip-off the paparazzi just to get a little publicity, and get called out by Billboard for desperately encouraging her little monsters to cheat the chart system has been a total blast.