Lady GaGa

All Lady Gaga Wants Is For You To “Do What U Want” With Her Body

Lady Gaga Do What U Want Fresh from her latest calculated Twitter meltdown to #promote ARTPOP, Lady Gaga --artiste, walking Warholian experience, and human Kunst-- has released an R&B song with R. Kelly called "Do What U Want." But just so you know, she isn't bandwagoning or anything like that. Just because everyone else is reviving the '90s and doing R&B right now, doesn't mean that's what Gaga's doing. She doesn't write music for "the charts," okay?

Now that my required Gaga shade is out of the way, let me start stanning for this epic urban #banger.

Lady Gaga Releases 11 Seconds of ‘ARTPOP’ Heaven With “G.U.Y.” Snippet

Lady Gaga Aura What is happening? What is life? How is that Lady Gaga --who just a year ago was the most overrated and unlikeable pop star on the planet (after Beyonce)-- is mercilessly destroying all my faves with her ARTPOP era?

The woman who effortlessly pushed a giant blue wrecking ball out of her meaty Kunst has just dropped a new 11-second ARTPOP snippet of a song called "G.U.Y.," and it's soooo good.