KARA Grows Up But Stays The Same With New Single, “Damaged Lady”

Khia Damaged Lady KARA is probably the most consistent idol group in K-pop. Since hooking up with the infallible Sweetune on 2008's joyous "Rock U," they haven't released a bad single or bothered to overhaul their sound. That doesn't mean that they haven't evolved, though: They've tackled the sugary sweet ("Rock U," "Honey"), upbeat party-starters ("Jumping," "Step"), bouncy bops ("Mister"), the edgy ("Lupin," "Wanna") and most recently, sexy and sassy ("Pandora"). But despite the natural growth, their music is just fizzy '80s synth-pop at its core that's as instantly identifiable as their own signature sound as Yasutaka Nakata's Perfume productions or Timbaland's work with Justin Timberlake.