Jiyeon and Hyosung Showcase Their Epic Hotness In New Spreads, Stan For Kahi and More

Jiyeon Hyosung The Korean entertainment industry has come to a halt since the tragic ferry disaster, and all the comebacks and solo debuts I was looking forward to have understandably been pushed back. That means that the scheduled promotional plans for countless K-pop artists have gone to hell, and over the past week Hyosung, Jiyeon, and G.NA have all had sexy photoshoots that were supposed to coincide with their respective comebacks released through various magazines.

Kahi Proves She Was Worth The Wait With Cool Comeback Single, “It’s Me”

Kahi It's Me It's been two-and-a-half years since Kahi made her solo debut and just over a year since she officially left After School. Since stepping away from the popular girl group, she's done some acting and variety show work, but her music career's been in limbo following repeated delays from Pledis Entertainment. It was starting to look like Pledis might just scrap everything altogether, but this week Kahi finally came back with a new album, Who Are You?, and I'm happy to say that it was definitely worth the wait.

The Top Ten Most Anticipated K-pop Comebacks Of October

K-pop Comebacks 2013 Whether it's Western pop or K-pop, the fourth quarter is always the most exciting time for big pop releases. Everybody rushes out their albums and your fave is battling someone else's fave and we all have fun little stan wars. It's great. October is looking especially juicy for K-pop this year: We've got the tarnished IU and T-ara putting out their first post-scandal releases, Taeyang and Kahi coming back after several years away from the solo spotlight, the almighty Nine Muses with their first full-length album, new stuff from underdogs like Block B and AOA, and a whole lot more.

I've rounded up the ten most anticipated K-pop comebacks of the bunch and ranked 'em all from least to best. Only the officially confirmed or strongly rumoured returns for October made the list, so that means no miss A, B1A4, Sunmi, or TVXQ.