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Acting Prodigy Eunjung Considers Movie Comeback, Pop Icon Jiyeon Releases Album Tracklist
April 17, 2014 5:26 am Published by . Comments

Eunjung Jiyeon 2014 If you're a dickless T-ara hater that's been rooting for their disbandment since July 2012, then please exit this post right now. It's just a friendly warning from me to y'all, as I suspect that any T-antis will become suicidal upon reading about T-ara's latest career achievements, and since I'm such a kind-hearted person who feels sympathy for even the lowest forms of life (i.e. T-antis), I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to anyone.

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Virginal Angels A Pink Bring Hope To The Huddled Masses With “Mr. Chu”
April 2, 2014 9:56 am Published by . Comments

A Pink Mr Chu There's always one token cute act in K-pop that all the Western fans hate because dirty Westerners have never really experienced cute concepts beyond kiddie acts like The Wiggles and The Teletubbies, so almost everything that doesn't fit into the fierce or sexy concept category is instantly reviled. First it was Girls' Generation, then it was SECRET for a while, and now it's the almighty A Pink.

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