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Ayame Goriki – ‘Anata no 100 no Kirai na Tokoro’ (Music Video)
February 4, 2014 8:57 am Published by . Comments

Goriki Ayame Anata no 100 no Kirai na Tokoro I first learned of Ayame Goriki's existence after seeing her 'win' second place on a list of Japanese actresses most hated by women. She looked cute enough to me despite Japan's negative opinion of her, and after a little investigating, I discovered that the unfair hate against the 21-year-old primarily stemmed from her being overexposed (just like Goddess Clara in Korea) and for having short legs (neither of which are crimes severe enough to warrant the harsh reception she's received).

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After School Releases “Shh,” Obliterates Every Other Girl Group In The Game
December 17, 2013 1:45 pm Published by . Comments

After School Shh It really looked like After School had lost their mojo last year after Kahi left. Their music wasn't as good, their sales were lower, and their subunit had suddenly become more popular than the main group. All that changed this year when the almost has-beens returned with a vengeance -- bigger, better, and sexier than ever before. They made every other girl group on the planet look like a pack of fat ugly slobs with their pole-dancing performances for the divine "First Love," and then followed it up with one of the greatest Japanese K-pop singles ever released, "Heaven."

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