Hyosung Looked AmaZINGERingly Hot On M! Countdown Last Night

Hyosung M Countdown It's been difficult seeing the so-so chart performances of Jiyeon and G.NA's new singles (they really should be snatching triple crown wins all over the place right now) but I've consoled myself with the success of Hyosung's trap-lullaby "Good-night Kiss."

Hyosung’s Crunk ‘Good-night Kiss’ Is The Song Ciara Wishes She Recorded

Hyosung Good-night Kiss MV As the star of bipolar girl group SECRET, Hyosung has spent her career hopping between ultra-cute concepts and ultra-sexy ones. She's just as famous for her sizeable chest as she is for her bright gummy smile; a dichotomy that's perfectly illustrated in her sunny ads for underwear brand Yes. Hyosung simultaneously works both extremes in her first solo single, "Good-night Kiss": A crunk trap-pop song about a sleepy tryst with a lover that's built around schoolyard chants and the melody of the children's lullaby "Hush, Little Baby."

G.NA’s Flop Teaser Vs. Hyosung’s Sensual Masterpiece

Hyosung GNA Secret After a month of tragedy and mourning, the K-pop industry is finally back in action as of this week. We already saw EXO aka EXCREMENT aka EXZzzzzzz release "Overdose (On Valium)," as well as the return of plastic vocal goddess Baek Ji Young to remind us all that she's the only K-diva in the game that can make a by-the-numbers K-drama ballad sound amazing. Things are about to get even better on May 12 when two junior K-divas, SECRET's Hyosung and nothing's Flop.NA, go head-to-head on the charts with their new singles.