SECRET Reclaim Their Crown As Nation’s Sexy-dols With ‘I’m In Love’

secret i'm in love The return of my fourth favourite girl group SECRET is a cause for celebration, but it's also a time for facepalming and "FML" groaning. Now that they're back to their sexy style, all Western K-pop fans take it as an opportunity to put down the group's cutsie hits. (Because according to Western K-pop fans, the only acceptable concept is either fierce of porno, as they're so used to seeing their pop stars hyper-sexualized before they're even legal that they can't accept any possible deviation from that.) The same thing happens to poor sweet A Pink, and it used to happen to Girls' Generation before "The Boys" came along.

SECRET’s Japanese ‘YooHoo’ Music Video Is Super Cute (Duh)

secret YooHoo pv I'm always obsessed with SECRET because they're my fourth favourite K-pop girl group after Brown Eyed Girls, T-ara, and Girls' Generation, but I've been, like, REALLY obsessed with them this past fortnight. Aside from my usual fifty plays of "I Do I Do" per day, I've been combing through endless photos and videos of my wife Hyosung and watching "Good-night Kiss" performances on repeat, so a fresh SECRET fix was sorely needed.