Girls’ Generation

Girls' Generation Galaxy Supernova

Girls’ Generation Promotes Skinny Jeans, Returns With New J-pop Single, “Galaxy Supernova”

Girls' Generation Galaxy Supernova As the most breathtakingly beautiful girl group in all of Asia (and the entire world), it's only natural to see Girls' Generation become the new models for Samantha Thavasa. The Japanese fashion label has created a new line of skinny jeans inspired by the angels of the east that comes in nine different colours. To do their bit in promoting the classy brand, the Divine Nine have turned the music video for their latest J-pop single, "Galaxy Supernova," into a musical denim commercial.
Girls' Generation - I Got a Boy

Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy (Single Review)

Girls' Generation - I Got a Boy When I first played Girls' Generation's comeback single, "I Got a Boy", I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It doesn't sound like what a Girls' Generation single is supposed to sound like, nor does it even remotely resemble what any commercial pop single --K-pop or otherwise-- generally sounds like today.