Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation Get Hella Sexy On New Single ‘Whisper’

girls' generation tts whisper When SM first formed the Girls' Generation-TTS subunit, it was to show the group as actual singers, not just performers. Now, two years after the trio first debuted with the bubblegum-y "Twinkle," the goal appears to have changed -- for the first time ever, Girls' Generation are showing off their sensual side.

Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Mr.’ MV Is Both Utterly Fabulous And Completely Disappointing

Girls' Generation Mr Mr Review Between the "Mr.Mr." music video delay and the early album leak, Girls' Generation's comeback has been a total mess so far, but it hasn't bothered me until now. Why would it? As I pointed out in my "Mr.Mr." single review, the song is totally spectacular and continues Girls' Generation's unspoiled seven-year streak of perfect pop hits. And while the behind-the-scenes issues seem to have severely hurt the Divine Nine as far as promo and sales go, it was a non-factor to me as long as the product was good, which it was. But now the "Mr.Mr." MV is out, and now I am a little bothered.