Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Mr.’ MV Is Both Utterly Fabulous And Completely Disappointing

Girls' Generation Mr Mr Review Between the "Mr.Mr." music video delay and the early album leak, Girls' Generation's comeback has been a total mess so far, but it hasn't bothered me until now. Why would it? As I pointed out in my "Mr.Mr." single review, the song is totally spectacular and continues Girls' Generation's unspoiled seven-year streak of perfect pop hits. And while the behind-the-scenes issues seem to have severely hurt the Divine Nine as far as promo and sales go, it was a non-factor to me as long as the product was good, which it was. But now the "Mr.Mr." MV is out, and now I am a little bothered.

Crappy Korean Media Publishes Crappy Girl Group Ranking, So I Made a Way Better One

Sports Chosun Girl Group Ranking Korea is obsessed with random rankings, surveys, and polls. Most of it's just inane shit that isn't worth reading ("So-and-so voted the celebrity people most likely want to read a bedtime story to"), but I get a kick out of popularity rankings. The downside is that most of them are usually biased or uninformed, like the new 2014 Girl Group Popularity Ranking that Sports Chosun published today.
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“Airplane”: The Best Song From f(x)’s ‘Pink Tape’

Pink Tape It's taken me some time to fully immerse myself in f(x)'s Pink Tape album because the girls inconveniently released it on the same day as Brown Eyed Girls' Black Box. Not to mention the same week as other huge pop releases from the likes of AlunaGeorge, Annie, and VIXX. It's was just too much to digest all at once.

f(x)’s “Rum Pum Pum Pum” Is Everything That It Needed To Be

f(x) Rum Pum Pum Pum f(x)'s "Electric Shock" comeback last year was so underwhelming. It's not that the song was bad per se, it's just that it wasn't what anyone should want from a group like f(x). f(x) should always be a little left of center and singing about oddball stuff like blood types and wooden dolls, not churning our formulaic electro-pop that would be better suited to the likes of 2NE1.

Thankfully, it looks like f(x)'s journey into dulldom was just a slight hiccup, because the girls are back with a new single that's every bit as weird and wacky as "Pinocchio (Danger)," "Rum Pum Pum Pum."