E-Girls Copy Daft Punk and SNSD With Good Results In ‘We Are Venus’

e-girls we are venus E-Girls have carved out a nice little niche for themselves among Japan's other large-numbered girl groups. While Idoling!!! and AKB48 cater to otakus and Morning Musume are now masters of off-kilter EDM, E-Girls' commercial dance-pop and polished style makes them one of Japan's most Western-friendly groups. From what I've observed online, a lot of E-Girls' fans appear to be K-pop and Europop fans who don't typically follow Japanese groups, but have made an exception for E-Girls because they're all pretty and their music isn't weird.

Pretty In Purple: Flower Returns With “Taiyou to Himawari”

Flower Taiyou to Himawari Casual J-pop listeners might recognize Flower as part of the popular 28-member group, E-Girls. Unlike otaku-targeted idol acts like AKB48, Morning Masume, and Momoiro Clover Z, Flower's a talented troupe of dancers that specialize in very pretty melodic pop songs. They're currently engaged in a girl group battle-to-the-death of sorts with fellow E-Girls, Happiness, which sees both groups competing against each other by releasing singles on the same day and then determining a winner based on criteria like record sales and concert attendance (can we please get one of these for Rihanna and Beyonce?). Flower's entry into the fight, "Taiyou to Himawari" (roughly translates to something about sunflowers), premiered online late last week, and it's frickin' gorgeous.