Tokyo Girls’ Style Get Holy With ‘Jujika,’ Surpass Jesus In Talent and Relevance

Tokyo Girls' Style Jujika I have to admit that I was a little pissed when BABYMETAL blew up online and everybody suddenly jumped on the BABYMETAL bandwagon. I've been listening to those rockin' brats for years, but refrained from posting them because I figured that whoever reads my site just wouldn't get it (you know, back when I somewhat gave a fuck about this blog). Now they're huge and I missed out on doing that whole I TOLD YOU SO thing that I totally live for. I consoled myself by thinking that at least I'll get bragging rights if Tokyo Girls' Style ever becomes a Buzzfeed meme, but after pondering it further I thought fuck that -- I want to keep them all to myself!

Underrated AKB48 Subunit, DiVA, Might Make a Comeback

AKB48 DiVA Comeback Even for fans of Eastern pop, AKB48 is an acquired taste. Personally, I love Yasushi Akimoto's miniskirted army, but not everybody is going to be into hyperactive Japanese idol pop sung by a group of schoolgirls with roughly 90 members. However, AKB48's underrated subunit, DiVA, is a lot easier to get into, and turned me into a fan long before I came around to their mother group.