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Brown Eyed Girls Perform “Moody Night” On ‘Beatles Code,’ Hypnotize EXO With Their Divine Sex Appeal
August 28, 2013 12:13 pm Published by . Comments

Brown Eyed Girls Moody Night Beatles Code Brown Eyed Girls' "Moody Night" was never an official single, but the song still occasionally manages to get in the spotlight four years after it was originally released as part of the Sound-G album. It was performed once properly on TV, used as the official promo song for the group's Tonight 37.2°c concert, and earlier this week, BEG delivered an impromptu performance of the sensual anthem during an appearance Beatles Code with those EXO nugus.

Since "Moody Night" is one of the sexiest pop songs ever made, I'll basically find any excuse to write about it, and this is one of those occasions.

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Here Come The Brides: Brown Eyed Girls Return With “Kill Bill”
July 30, 2013 2:56 am Published by . Comments

Brown Eyed Girls Kill Bill Skitzo genre-mashing and left of center sounds are the latest trends in K-pop, but Brown Eyed Girls already did that two years ago with "Sixth Sense." So, how does K-pop's most exciting girl group still shock in 2013 when everyone is doing what they already did back in 2011? By doing something completely unshocking, of course.

The group's new single, "Kill Bill," is a fairly straightforward slice of hooky dance-pop, which is something that nobody saw coming from the trendsetting foursome. But after the moody "Sign" and the dramatic "Sixth Sense," now feels like the perfect time for BEG to kick back and finally have some fun.

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