Britney Spears

‘Slumber Party’ shows Britney Spears as pop’s most static princess

The clip is strange to watch. Fans will scream on social media that Britney looks the hottest she has in years and proclaim that her famous armography is 'slaying,' and they'd be right. But then there's Britney, who looks eerily ageless, going through all the old motions like she never left 2004. It's the same thrusting, gyrating, and hairflips, the same genetically blessed male model love interest, the same robotic come hither stares to the camera.

Shady Bitch Beyonce Plans To Release Her New Single The Day ‘Britney Jean’ Drops

Beyonce Britney The past few months have been so lovely and serene without any new Beyonce music to stink the place up. It was like a gift from the gods every time her big comeback project received another push back and delay (and there certainly were many). But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so I'm here to regretfully inform you all that Mrs. Sharter is almost ready to release her new single.