Bonnie McKee

Bonnie McKee Pulls a Thirsty Stunt To Promote “American Girl”

Bonnie McKee VMAs If you were fortunate enough to catch me live tweeting the MTV VMAs yesterday, then you would've seen this tweet about Bonnie McKee not attending the show. Apparently, Bon Bon was too busy finishing her album and going to Disneyland to attend the biggest night in pop music, which is pretty weird for a fame-hungry songstress like herself. If you've followed her career over the past few years, then you'll that Bon Bon will usually show up to the opening of an envelope in the tackiest outfit she can think of just to get written about on "worst dressed" lists the next day, so her absence from the VMAs is suspicious, to say the least!

Bonnie McKee Keeps Trying To Convince Us That She’s The Next Big Thing (And It Isn’t Working)

Bonnie McKee GMA "Madonna beat Gaga, and now we want to see the next Gaga," Abraham says. "It's exciting. It feels like Bonnie could be next."

The above quote is taken from a new Billboard puff piece about Bonnie McKee and her mission to become pop's next big thing. Yes, someone actually believes that Bonnie McKee could be the next GaGa.

I feel a little bad for writing another post about how Bonnie ISN'T going to be the next GaGa/Katy/Ke$ha/Nicki/Lana, but someone needs to spill some true tea around here, and as usual, I'm the one that has to do it.