Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Bails On Flawless Jailbait Album Cover And Replaces It With Something Safe and Boring

Ariana Grande Yours Truly I'm sure most of you saw the super controversial artwork for Ariana Grande's Yours Truly album earlier this week. You know, the one with Ariana dressed up like jailbait in a bed of pink roses? It was like Anne Geddes teamed up with Takashi Murakami to shoot a straight-to-video Lolita sequel in the early '90s, and it was fucking amazing. The second I saw, it I said to myself, "This girl is gonna be HUGE," because only a top tier pop diva could create something so shocking and polarizing. It was basically the Born This Way motorcycle cover of 2013.

Well, it turns out that cover was just a joke. Ariana's since tweeted out the "real" artwork, and it's safer and more sterile than an interview with Ciara.

Ariana Grande Serves More ’90s Nostalgia With New Single, “Baby I”

Ariana Grande Baby I There's no denying that Ariana Grande's "The Way" not only snatched the luscious golden tresses from Mariah's #beautiful head, but also the wigs 'n' weaves of every Disney and Nickelodeon actress-turned-singer that released music this year.

While many other artists are trying to be cool with '90s house music throwbacks and Aaliyah-esque alt-R&B, Ariana's decision to tap into divafied '90s urban-pop was a genius move that led to record-breaking success for "The Way," so her decision to follow up with a Babyface-produced single is a no-brainer.