Arcadey Now

Arcadey Now: Miley Cyrus, Shiina Ringo, Perfume, Lily Allen

Arcadey Now Miley Shiina Perfume Lily With all the new releases I dived into last week, I was a little musically burned out and didn't really listen to too much stuff this week. I returned to the ballads from Miley's Bangerz after all these other bitches' new albums reminded me just how savagely Milegend Godrus crushed her competitors this year, and I also got into Yasutaka Nakata's latest J-pop productions.

Over the next week, I have Blood Orange's Cupid Deluxe and Billie Joe + Norah's new Everly Brothers covers album on my "must listen" list, and am also looking forward to clogging my ears with some random Christmas music and K-pop.

Arcadey Now: Lady Gaga, Best Coast, MGMT, miss A, Sky Ferreira

Arcadey Now 2 So, I met Crayon Pop TWICE last week, and it was the greatest fucking thing ever. Anything else that I experience from this point forward will just be a total bore now that I've been blessed by the Popes of Pop. The only thing keeping me alive is the possibility that I may one day bask in their ethereal glow once again.