After School

Pharrell Williams Is Still The Source Of All Good Pop Music

Danity Kane Bye Baby I wasn't particularly interested in Danity Kane's cumback until earlier today. "They're just a bunch of overrated reality TV has-beens that got lucky with a few hot songs once upon a time," is what I've been telling myself, but I'll need to check my salty attitude at the door now that I've heard the foursome's new buzz single, "Bye Baby."

After School Releases “Shh,” Obliterates Every Other Girl Group In The Game

After School Shh It really looked like After School had lost their mojo last year after Kahi left. Their music wasn't as good, their sales were lower, and their subunit had suddenly become more popular than the main group. All that changed this year when the almost has-beens returned with a vengeance -- bigger, better, and sexier than ever before. They made every other girl group on the planet look like a pack of fat ugly slobs with their pole-dancing performances for the divine "First Love," and then followed it up with one of the greatest Japanese K-pop singles ever released, "Heaven."

Kahi Proves She Was Worth The Wait With Cool Comeback Single, “It’s Me”

Kahi It's Me It's been two-and-a-half years since Kahi made her solo debut and just over a year since she officially left After School. Since stepping away from the popular girl group, she's done some acting and variety show work, but her music career's been in limbo following repeated delays from Pledis Entertainment. It was starting to look like Pledis might just scrap everything altogether, but this week Kahi finally came back with a new album, Who Are You?, and I'm happy to say that it was definitely worth the wait.

After School Continues Being Flawless With New Japanese Single, “Heaven”

After School Heaven I've always been a fan of After School, but this year they've really stepped up their game in ways I didn't think were possible. Just when it looked like they'd jumped the shark following the departures of Bekah and Kahi, they sexed-up E-Young and Kaeun, learned to pole dance, and made one of the best K-pop comebacks of 2013 with "First Love." It didn't do as well as it should have on the charts, but all that means is that we get to shake our fists and complain about how underrated After School is and how their M! Countdown stage is literally the greatest thing in the history of popular music.