Six Reasons Why 2NE1’s Sexy ‘Crush’ MV Is One Of Their Best Videos Ever

2ne1 crush feature I ended up deleting 2NE1's Crush album a few months ago in a fit of rage because the God awful "Come Back Home" would automatically play after I'd listen to Uhm Jung Hwa's iconic "Come 2 Me" (that song was on repeat for a while). I'd mostly forgotten all about it up until yesterday when my friend sent me the music video for the Japanese version of "Crush." My first thought was, "Why the fuck are they still trying to crack Japan when they're such total flops over there?" and my second thought was, "Omg this actually slays."

The Four Best Songs From 2NE1’s ‘Crush’…

2NE1 Crush There's a misconception about me (especially among the Filipino community -- y'all know who you are) that I hate 2NE1, but it's simply not true. Do I think 2NE1's the most over-hyped and overrated girl group in K-pop today? Sure. Do I enjoy upsetting the Blackjacks, who are the worst fandom in Asia because they so closely mirror humourless low IQ American stans? Of course. Do I think CL is the Diana Ross and Beyonce of our generation who's being held back from a glittering solo career by a bunch of useless dead weight who could never possibly survive without her spectacular swag? Well, that goes without saying.

Crappy Korean Media Publishes Crappy Girl Group Ranking, So I Made a Way Better One

Sports Chosun Girl Group Ranking Korea is obsessed with random rankings, surveys, and polls. Most of it's just inane shit that isn't worth reading ("So-and-so voted the celebrity people most likely want to read a bedtime story to"), but I get a kick out of popularity rankings. The downside is that most of them are usually biased or uninformed, like the new 2014 Girl Group Popularity Ranking that Sports Chosun published today.

The Top Ten Most Anticipated K-pop Comebacks Of October

K-pop Comebacks 2013 Whether it's Western pop or K-pop, the fourth quarter is always the most exciting time for big pop releases. Everybody rushes out their albums and your fave is battling someone else's fave and we all have fun little stan wars. It's great. October is looking especially juicy for K-pop this year: We've got the tarnished IU and T-ara putting out their first post-scandal releases, Taeyang and Kahi coming back after several years away from the solo spotlight, the almighty Nine Muses with their first full-length album, new stuff from underdogs like Block B and AOA, and a whole lot more.

I've rounded up the ten most anticipated K-pop comebacks of the bunch and ranked 'em all from least to best. Only the officially confirmed or strongly rumoured returns for October made the list, so that means no miss A, B1A4, Sunmi, or TVXQ.