Natalia Kills – Saturday Night (Single Review)

Natalia Kills Saturday Night Artwork Natalia Kills' 2011 debut, Perfectionist, is underrated. It's not without its flaws like the title suggests, and there's a faint whiff of The Fame running through some parts, but the GaGa comparisons were ultimately overblown and clouded people's judgement when it came to the actual music. Kills eventually put a nail through any lingering similarities to Mother Monster with follow-up singles like "Kill My Boyfriend" and "Problem," cementing her own identity as a chilly fashionista with a penchant for aggressive pop music in the process. But every bad girl has a back story, and Natalia Kills is finally ready to share hers with the release of her most personal single to date, "Saturday Night."

4minute – Is It Poppin’? (Single Review)

4minute Is It Poppin' Feature When I first started getting into K-pop, 4minute was one of the groups that I really latched onto. Like 2NE1, their commercial electro-pop and artificial ferocity appealed to a K-pop noob like me, who still wasn't quite ready to accept the less blatantly Western K-pop acts at that point. While I eventually grew tired of 2NE1's one-trick-pony shtick and moved on to more interesting artists, 4minute's always remained a favorite, so I was pretty disappointed when "What's Your Name?" became the group's first single that I didn't like.

New Rtist: Ivy Levan

Ivy Levan Feature When you punch Ivy Levan's name into Google images, a number of different personas will come up. There's the hipster rock chick, the striking model, and the old selfies from the aspiring MySpace artist. But none of them hold a candle to Ivy's latest incarnation as The Dame, who falls somewhere between a Frank Miller femme fatale and a retro rockabilly princess.

Naked Rap Music Singer Miley Cyrus Performs On Jimmy Kimmel

Miley Cyrus Jimmy Kimmel 2013 I don't know about all of you, but I've been waiting with baited breath for Miley Cyrus to perform her hip-hop anthem, "We Can't Stop," for the first time. After almost dying from asphyxiation, I was finally able to exhale earlier today when the rap icon held one of those mini-concerts thingies on Jimmy Kimmel, and she did not disappoint.