King Carey Wilson is Making a Big Comeback: Her Words, Not Mine

Keri Hilson Toilet Carey Wilson can be a deluded egomaniac at times and I still haven't quite recovered from the mess that was "Breaking Point" and "The Way You %$@& Me," but there's something about her that always keeps me coming back for more. Maybe it's because we share a hatred of that butt-padded beyatch Beyonce, or maybe it's just because she actually puts out some legitimately great tunes from time to time ("Hustler" and "Intuition" are everything and will remain being everything for the foreseeable future).

T-ara Continues To Slay Japan With “Target” and “Like a Wind”

T-ara Target Artwork T-ara's been kind of M.I.A. in Korea ever since their scandal, with the group focusing most of its energy into overseas markets instead. They revolutionized the Japanese music industry in March when they released ten different versions of their "Bunny Style!" single, and then took over America with their legendary pool party performance in Vegas. Now that they've reached the absolute pinnacle of Stateside stardom and have nothing left to achieve there, Slay-ara's back in Japan with a brand new J-pop single called "Target."

I Hate Myself For Not Loving Kelly Clarkson’s Country Single, “Tie It Up”

Kelly Clarkson Tie Me Up As both a country music fan and a Kelly Clarkson super stan, I've been dying to see Kelly go full-on country for years. If you read my old blog you'd know this, as I'm pretty sure I mentioned it about fifty-million times. I've always had a dream Kelly Clarkson country record in mind: A cross between the introspective Nashville pop of The Wreckers and the gutsy alt-country of Miranda Lambert, but with the flawless vocals that only the original American Idol can deliver.