The Weeknd Drops Blockbuster-Sized Epic, “Belong To The World” (Single Review)

The Weeknd Belong to the World Despite ballin' with Drake and releasing a trilogy of critically-acclaimed mixtapes, The Weeknd's still a relatively unknown name outside of R&B circles and online music press. That looks set to change with the release of his first studio album, Kiss Land, this August. The rising superstar embraced drugs and groupies on the album's twisted title track, but that was just a warm up for what's obviously the real lead single, "Belong To The World." 

Justin Timberlake’s “Take Back The Night”: The Prince of Pop Channels The King (Single Review)

Justin Timberlake Take Back The Night On his 2002 solo debut, Justified, Justin Timberlake took inspiration from Michael Jackson, just as many artists had before him and will continue to do so until music ceases to exist. On his 2006 follow up, Futuresex/Lovesounds, it was Prince he referenced, and on this year's The 20/20 Experience, he channeled both the Bee Gees and himself. For his new single, "Take Back The Night," things have come full circle as the modern-day Prince of Pop takes notes from the King once again.

2NE1 Falls Flat With Snoozy Comeback Single, “Falling In Love” (Single Review)

2NE1 Falling In Love For her recent solo debut, "The Baddest Female," 2NE1 frontwoman CL pulled away from Korea's super safe hip-hop scene and took inspiration from the likes of A$AP Rocky and the non-RedOne Nicki Minaj. The result was a woozy, slow-burning rap track with an alien beat and a big money shot that doesn't show itself until the final act. Naturally, K-pop fans hated it and were confused by the nonlinear production, just as they had been by Girls' Generation's "I Got a Boy," 2PM's "A.D.T.O.Y.," EXO's "Wolf," and virtually every other song that dared to be part of the experimental trend that's been so big in K-pop this past year.

Once "The Baddest Female" flopped, CL was quick to announce that 2NE1's then-forthcoming new single would be "very 2NE1," and "very different" from her own solo work. She was right, and that's not a compliment.

Natalia Kills – Saturday Night (Single Review)

Natalia Kills Saturday Night Artwork Natalia Kills' 2011 debut, Perfectionist, is underrated. It's not without its flaws like the title suggests, and there's a faint whiff of The Fame running through some parts, but the GaGa comparisons were ultimately overblown and clouded people's judgement when it came to the actual music. Kills eventually put a nail through any lingering similarities to Mother Monster with follow-up singles like "Kill My Boyfriend" and "Problem," cementing her own identity as a chilly fashionista with a penchant for aggressive pop music in the process. But every bad girl has a back story, and Natalia Kills is finally ready to share hers with the release of her most personal single to date, "Saturday Night."