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Lovelyz Save K-pop With ‘Girls Invasion’ Album And Shade Park Bom With ‘Candy Jelly Love’

Lovelyz Candy Jelly Love I've been desperately awaiting the debut of Woolim Entertainment's new girl group Lovelyz all month for several reasons: 1) I love groups with heaps of members (this one has eight), 2) I love cutesie groups, especially ones with big enough budgets to really bring their sexually-suggestive innocent virgin concepts to life, and 3) INFINITE slay, and it's about time that they had a sister group.

New Rtist: Rochelle Jordan

rochelle jordan feature About a month or two ago I told myself that if I saw one more hipster urban artist blowing up the blogs or one more pop tart copying the aforementioned hipster urban artists from the blogs that I'd bludgeon myself in the head with a portable cassette player. Fast forward to last Friday night: I'm sitting at home stoned watching Rage (Aussie music video show, FYI) at 1am, Rochelle Jordan comes on, and I think to myself, "She's not so bad..." and "I wonder if Domino's is still open?"