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Nugu Girl Group Debuts: Playback, Love Us, Bambino, Asha

Summer always signals top tier comebacks in K-pop, but it's also a good time for new groups to debut. There's tonnes of festivals to perform at and the weather is nice and warm (an important factor for scantily-clad girl groups), and those lucky enough to make it onto music programs can benefit from the exposure as more viewers tune in to check out all the big comebacks.
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Oh Boy, Oh My Girl Dropped The Best Song Of The Year: ‘Cupid’

I'm a girl group super stan, but even I wasn't excited when WM Entertainment first announced that they were launching a "B1A4 little sister group" called Oh My Girl. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a little B1A4 every now and then, but I don't like them enough to need a female equivalent. Plus, B1A4 are already more feminine than any girl group could ever be, so what's the point?