4minute Is It Poppin' Feature

4minute – Is It Poppin’? (Single Review)

4minute Is It Poppin' Feature When I first started getting into K-pop, 4minute was one of the groups that I really latched onto. Like 2NE1, their commercial electro-pop and artificial ferocity appealed to a K-pop noob like me, who still wasn't quite ready to accept the less blatantly Western K-pop acts at that point. While I eventually grew tired of 2NE1's one-trick-pony shtick and moved on to more interesting artists, 4minute's always remained a favorite, so I was pretty disappointed when "What's Your Name?" became the group's first single that I didn't like.
Girl's Day Female President Flipper

Girl’s Day – Female President (Single Review)

Girl's Day Female President Artwork Girl's Day made a huge impact this year after they went all Girls Gone Wild on everyone with "Expectation." The song was an inescapable smash, and once the group's 19-year-old maknae was busted dating a 35-year-old K-pop veteran, Girl's Day went from being the "Twinkle Twinkle" has-beens to one of the most talked about girl groups in the game almost overnight.
Girls' Generation - I Got a Boy

Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy (Single Review)

Girls' Generation - I Got a Boy When I first played Girls' Generation's comeback single, "I Got a Boy", I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It doesn't sound like what a Girls' Generation single is supposed to sound like, nor does it even remotely resemble what any commercial pop single --K-pop or otherwise-- generally sounds like today.