When I see stans discussing underrated girl groups on K-pop Twitter, I never see Favorite mentioned. That goes for myself too. I’ve always been aware of their existence, and I did spin last year’s “Loca” a little, but I never felt the need to dig any deeper into the group.

Well, now they’re back with a new single “Lie”, and it’s finally clicked for me that Favorite are kinda amazing. The new tune follows the sound of “Loca”, which saw the group adopt a Latin-flavoured dance sound. I don’t want to call “Lie” generic because that does a disservice to a good song, but it’s fairly straightforward dance-pop. That’s a good thing, because a lot of the girl crush songs lately have been way too noisy. “Lie” is more like a good BLANKPLONK song (“Playing With Fire”) or a Sunmi single.

I’m not gonna name names because I’m kind of scared of K-pop stan culture now (literal psychos), but one girl group came back recently with this electro hip-hop YG thing and it was f*cking horrible. “Lie” sound so pleasant to my ears after hearing that other ‘song’ that I can’t name because if you say it three times out loud Teddy Park will appear behind you with a bloody LG cellphone in his hand.

Anyway, from “Lie” I decided to revisit Favorite’s discography, and damn do they have some good stuff. “Heart Signal” and “It’s Mine” are just perfect synth-pop, while their first single “Party Time” does that genre with a dark Dreamcatcher twist.

If we need more reasons to stan, Favorite are actually good performers, they’re pretty, and they haven’t had any member changes since 2017. Do you know how hard it is to be a D-list girl group with more than one visual and no lineup changes? It’s virtually unheard of. We need to support these queens.