Fifth Harmony were always low rent and cringe to me, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a few fire hits. Even a hater like me can’t deny the addictiveness of “Worth It” and “Work From Home”. I never followed the members individually, but Normani always stood out. She was like the diamond in the rough that you accidentally dropped in the trash, then scooped back up and put on the gold-trimmed mantle where it really belongs.

She dropped her first proper solo single “Motivation” last week, and to say that the internet is losing its mind would be an understatement. The tweets and reviews are so OTT, like the kind of mass hysteria that takes over whenever Beyonce so much as takes a shit (or releases new music – same thing).

But is it justified? Pretty much.

“Motivation” is basically just a really good Cher Lloyd song. The Normani army won’t like my saying that, but it’s true and it’s a compliment. It’s catchy, but a lot of Fifth Harmony songs are. “Havana” is the best thing ever and even Laverne Cox dropped a bop. It’s not that hard to slap a bop on a girl group reject.

Where “Motivation” really comes alive is the music video. Normani is ridiculously beautiful and sexy. Like, she’s THAT gorgeous that we all should just give up on life. She serves us thighs, face, smile, hair, derriere, confidence, divinity, punctuality, invisibility, and multiplicity. I’m not even into the stripper Yawnce thrash-dancing that she’s doing, but when Normani does it I love it. She makes it work.

This girl has real star power, so here’s hoping that her label puts all the best hitmakers on her album so she can stick around. Tinashe was the last good urban-pop queen and she hasn’t had a hit in years. It’s time for Normani to give us some of that Ciara magic and smash.