There aren’t that many Western pop stars that really get me going anymore, but Kim Petras has won me over. So much of this is because almost all of her music is produced by Dr. Luke, who is a near-perfect top forty hitmaker when he’s not being a psychotic turd and making my beloved Kesha’s life a living hell. (Rainbow was good, but not as good as her Dr. Luke albums let’s be honest.)

Kim’s great because, just like Carly Rae Jepsen, she makes actual fun pop songs instead of lame down-tempo whatever-the-fuck-passes-as-pop-music-today. We love a real chorus hunni! Her songs range from the frothy and frivolous “I Don’t Want It At All” to the brilliant Carly clone “Heart To Break.” Kimmy’s also got a slower song called “Hills,” which someone on Twitter accurately pointed out sounds kinda like Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy.” Imagine having a discography inspired by Carly and Red Velvet. Basics like Meghan Trainor can’t relate!

Petras also happens to be transgender. I wish I didn’t have to mention it, but so far the media has crafted almost all of the coverage on her around this. She transitioned as a child and is now 25, and in a recent profile in former newspaper the New York Times she indicated that she’s more interested in being a credible pop star than an activist and poster child for transgenderism. I hope the media gives her the chance to put her music forward instead of her gender identity. A transgender pop star that’s working with the problematic Dr. Luke and isn’t obsessed with gender is pretty edgy for 2018. Sure beats Witness-era Katy Perry.