Weki Meki’s debut isn’t something I was looking forward to it. Even me, someone who would choose Korean girl groups over their own family, is getting tired of all the samey new groups on the scene. Well, fast forward to their album dropping on Tuesday, and of course I’m a damn Weki Meki stan now.

People are slamming their first single “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” for being convoluted, but I find it fresh and innovative. For one, its channel-surfing “I Got a Boy” production makes it one of the few trop-house-influenced tracks out now to do something different with the trendy genre instead of the more formulaic styles of artists like KARD and Chungha.

However, I’ll give the naysayers credit when it comes to Weki Meki’s concept. While it’s nice to see a girl group that doesn’t look like angelic sprites frolicking through the Garden of Eden, the outdated styling is like bad Blady when it’s supposed to be early After School. Just watch “Blood Type B” if you don’t believe me.

Ugly outfits aside, Weki Meki are bringing it musically. Their whole WEME mini-album is one of the best overall releases to come out of the I.O.I girl groups so far (right next to Gugudan’s Act. 1 The Little Mermaid). Even the obligatory ballad is nice. I haven’t been skipping anything, but my absolute favourite is the fizzy closer “Fantastic”; space-age sugar rush of thumping electronica and synths. 

So, I guess this is just another flop group for me to stan. Sigh. Hopefully I’ll get my dream soon and three of the floppiest I.O.I groups will join forces to create the Korean E-Girls. I’m thinking Weki Meki, Cosmic Girls, and Gugudan.