I’ve always considered GFRIEND the second SISTAR because of their strong digital sales and questionable visuals, but now I realise they’re the second Apink. Just like Apink, the public only likes one very specific sound and style from GFRIEND, and attempts to deviate from that have flopped harder than Eunha’s double eyelid surgery.

Their latest single, “Love Whisper,” is a return to the symphonic, springtime sound of their early hits after “Fingertip” flopped earlier this year. I’m not mad at this. “Fingertip” was an overrated Reboot b-side with an unmemorable chorus. “Love Whisper” is great, staying true to Seo Young-bae & Iggy’s magic GFRIEND formula, but adding a twist with a light new jack swing touch like early Mariah.

I love it, but it’s also made me have to admit one of my own biases. I’m perfectly fine with GFRIEND, APINK, SISTAR and many others recycling the same song, and I didn’t care when CLC pretended to be 4minute that one time. But I hate when YG artists do the same, especially WACKPINK and their 2NE1 cut-and-paste singles. I just don’t like that generic bottom-of-the-barrel American style YG is famous for, so I’m never going to like 2NE2 until they do something completely different. GFRIEND, on the other hand, can keep doing this until the end of eternity! 

Check out “Love Whisper,” and make sure you listen to the rest of GFRIEND’s new album. It’s really good. Especially “Ave Maria,” aka the new “Hear The Wind Sing.”

  • Akie Akito

    gurl, this is spot on. i love GFriend. this is the only gg that i stanned from their debut. Love Whisper is magical. I didn’t like it when i first heard it but after 3 times, i am obsessed! it has that iconic GFriend formula — that catchy chorus and lovable music. and if that is not enough, the choreography will make you addicted. these bitches went viral for slipping on wet stage while performing and now they are literally dancing on water on stage. my skin is getting clearer, my grades are getting better, i lost weight and i can run marathon and the world is at peace. GodFriend slays.

  • WittyBitch

    Oh my god I lost it when you called them the second SISTAR because of their questionable visuals

  • vjx89

    Too bad Korea didn’t like Fingertip because that song is LIFE. I think Love Whisper was a HUGE step back in their discography. When u listen to all of ther singles from glass bead to Fingertip in order, you can see a progression. It tells a story. It shows their growth and is very pleasant to watch. The MV’s give me the same impression. Where does love whisper fits in this progression? GFriend, despite being a basic white aegyo girlgroup, had that extra thing about them, which was one of the reasons why i started to stan them. To me, Love whisper is a disappointment because it feels like an-out-of place-made-only-to-sell record.

    • Akie Akito

      it is a necessary step to regain their fans and uncle-fans after Fingertip. I believe they will be back doing great music after this. Love Whisper is almost like a re-introduction of GFriend. I have faith in them!

      • vjx89

        I hope you’re right!!