I’ve been a fan of WJSN (aka Cosmic Girls) since they debuted. I’m a sucker for girl groups with way too many members, and anything from SISTAR’s agency is always worth giving a shot. But it wasn’t until the group’s majestic “Secret” that I really became a stan. “Secret” was possibly the best girl group single of last year (it even got Neon Bunny’s approval), and the bouncy “I Wish” was a solid follow up.

Naturally I was pumped for the group’s new single “Happy,” but the song has been a personal disappointment and a total flop on the charts. To give some context to the level of floppation we’re dealing with, Chungha’s solo debut “Why Don’t You Know” has been consistently hovering around the fifty mark on the Melon 100, while “Happy” fell off the chart a couple of days after its release.

The reason behind the song’s failure is down to how unoriginal this comeback is. With “Secret” and “I Wish,” WJSN established a unique sound and image for themselves that set them apart from all the other cute, large-numbered girl groups out there. With “Happy,” they’ve blended back into the crowd. We’ve heard this busy electro-pop sound from countless girl groups lately, from LABOUM and Gugudan to queen bees TWICE. The same goes for the video, which is just a mashup of visuals from I.O.I, Red Velvet and TWICE.

With that said, I do actually like “Happy.” It’s a grower that gets better with each listen, it was just totally wrong for a comeback single and I’m worried that it’s going to set back all the progress WJSN’s made as the best-selling girl group to come out of I.O.I. thus far. Whichever Starship staffer’s decision it was to pick a song that has vocal queen Yeonjung singing in squeaky aegyo should be demoted to roadie on Hyorin’s next American club tour.

As for the rest of the Happy Moment album, it’s generic but good. Almost everything sounds like decent filler that any girl group could record (that’s not necessarily a bad thing). The clear standout is “Miracle,” which is basically just a disco remix of “Secret.” It probably should’ve been the single because at least it sticks to the WJSN sound.

Anyway, did you find WJSN’s comeback to be a Happy Moment or a Crappy Moment? Let me know.