K-pop trends are changing all the time, but one thing you can always count on are low budget electro-pop girls. No matter what’s going on in the world, some K-diva or girl group from an agency you’ve never heard of will be slaying an empty Arirang stage with some two dollar dance beats that were the only thing they could afford.

This brings me to my new obsession, S.E.T. The trio are exactly what I just mentioned, but their musical direction is more of a conscious choice rather than one born from financial hardship. Their two-track single, The Beginning of Funk, is clearly inspired by classic dance music. Listening to it recalls a modernised take on Korea’s ‘Techno Queen,’ Lee Jung-hyun.

Lead single “Nalari” is a catchy slice of late ’90s techno-pop, while b-side “Falling In Love” twists a Middle Eastern sample into a jagged electro riff. The latter is strong enough to be a single, so hopefully S.E.T start promoting it once “Nalari” promos are wrapped up.

As for the concept, it’s a bit of a “Let’s just do whatever!” kinda thing. In the music video, one member is dressed in some ladylike pink ensemble, another is decked out in historical garb and a schoolgirl uniform, and another is in trashy hip-hop attire. Messy, but I love it.