Review: After 7 years together, Nine Muses' latest comeback is one to 'Remember'
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Nine Muses, like Rainbow before them, are one of those K-pop groups that’s main claim to fame is that they’re not quite famous enough. Despite this reputation, I still consider them a success. They had one of the most disastrous debuts in history and more member changes than any other girl group I can think of, but they’ve also had a lot of memorable hits and we’re still here talking about them in 2017. 

With the exception of the generic “Hurt Locker” (stop defending it people – it was an utter FLOP), Nine Muses are one of K-pop’s most consistently great girl groups. Their run from “Figaro” up to “Drama” might be the longest streak of consecutively flawless singles I’ve ever seen, so I continue to support them while their sales slump and their lineup shrinks. They’re currently down to just four members (which includes Keumjo, the shrunken voodoo doll come to life), kicking poor Sungah to the curb for their new single ‘Remember.’

They’ve changed producers again, this time working with the little-known NUPLAY. The results are better than I was expecting from a producer I’ve never heard of. ‘Remember’ starts like a moody acoustic ballad before slowly building steam towards the chorus, which explodes with surging waves of EDM. Kyungri, Hyemi, and even the voodoo doll all have an emotional fragility to their voices, so their vocals work in perfect harmony together. The same goes for Sojin, who can’t sing for shit, but her deep-voice gives her spoken raps a dark quality that adds to the sinister atmosphere of the song. 

Also, you know who else ‘Remember’ would’ve been perfect for? T-ara. It just screams Absolute Second Album.

The music video is one of the more elaborate and expensive-looking clips I’ve seen from Nine Muses in a long time, indicating that Star Empire still sees potential in the group. I don’t really understand the storyline, but in my mind the dude was a hitman hired by Sungah to kill the remaining members so they couldn’t have a comeback without her. You better run and hide Keumjo, cos Sungah is coming for you!

Check out ‘Remember’ below.