I was convinced that Nine Muses latest album would be there last, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The group’s numbers have been steadily dwindling, as have their sales, and OG member Hyemi’s contract was due to expire later this year.

Well, now Hyemi has renewed her contract with Star Empire, and I’m convinced this means that we’ve got more Nine Muses activities on the way. It’s unlikely that Star would want to keep her as a solo, and I spoke to someone connected to the label who agreed with me. If Hyemi’s sticking around, then it’s gotta be for Nine Muses. I know she’s talented and all, but the only solo act from the group that Star clearly has any interest in is Kyungri.


With that said, don’t expect to see Nine Muses back to a full nine-member lineup. Star are already working on a new, younger girl group, and it’s probably just more profitable to keep Nine Muses together for another year or two instead of letting Hyemi go and leaving the remaining three to promote individually.

Sales wise, Nine Muses were actually doing *okay* up until their latest comeback. Last year’s “Lip2Lip” promotions produced surprisingly decent physical AND digital sales, at least in comparison to other low and mid-tier girl groups. That’s why I was so shocked to see how hard “Remember” tanked (it barely even cracked Melon’s Top 100!). 

Maybe if the girls return with a brighter concept next time it’ll do better? Anyway, I’m glad that we’re probably going to get some more Nine Muses albums before the group inevitably disbands. Their comebacks are always quality and they’re one of the most unique girl groups in 2017 now that all their contemporaries are stuck doing cute and innocent stuff. 

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