I’m sure it surprises absolutely nobody that I’m a hardcore LOONA stan. The twelve-member group ticks virtually every box for me, from their ambitious and innovative release model to their music and visual concepts.

The latest LOONA solo comes from JinSoul, who goes full sexy future-bass for “Singin’ In The Rain.” The thing about LOONA’s music so far is that, for the most part, the songs themselves aren’t up to par with the huge K-pop hits we’re used to from top tier idols. But when taken within the context of LOONA’s complicated pre-debut concept of monthly solos and sub-units for all the members, they’re all kind of spectacular. 

My main concern about LOONA is just how these girls are all going to work together as a cohesive collective. The sexier, edgier styles of JinSoul and Kim Lip are light years away from the likes of ViVi and little YeoJin. And by the time they actually debut, which will probably be at the beginning of next year, will the current trend of absurdly large girl groups be dying down? With the exception of TWICE, all the female acts in Melon’s top fifty right now are the quartets like MAMAMOO, BLACKPINK, and SISTAR, or solos like Chungha and IU.

Anyway, check out JinSoul’s debut below.