It’s kinda crazy that BoA is K-pop’s dancing queen, yet her musical output is starting to become dominated by more ballads than bangers. Whenever she does drop a song we can dance to it’s for Japan, or a side track like “The Shadow,” or a mid-tempo like “Only One” and “Kiss My Lips.”

She’s finally back to being the choreography queen we all know in her latest single “Camo.” The electro-pop tune was produced by American duo The Underdogs; they do a lot of K-pop for SM Entertainment, but they used to be big in the States in the early to late 2000s for R&B and urban-pop. I’m mentioning this because “Camo” totally sounds like it could’ve come off of BoA’s flop English-language album (which I also mentioned in my Idolator review of this).

I like BoA’s English album, but I don’t LOVE it like most non-K-pop fans do. (Britney turned some of those songs down for a reason!) The same goes for “Camo”: I like it enough, it’s pretty good, but I don’t love it in the same way that dusty old pop stans who still live for 2NE1 and “Eat You Up” will.

Anyway, check it out below and pray that it’s not a total flop so SM will pay for a new BoA album this year.